Evina’s anti-fraud mission continues with TrafficScreener

26 August 2021

Evina, the specialist in cybersecurity for mobile payments, has unveiled a new tool that it says extends the anti-fraud protection throughout the entire monetisation flow, starting from the source of traffic.

The Paris-headquartered firm with operations in Europe, the Middle East and 15 African countries says TrafficScreener helps merchants master mobile traffic monetization by detecting fake visits.

After creating Evina DCBprotect, the anti-fraud solution that blocks bots at the time of payment, Evina now leverages the same cutting-edge technology to detect bots as they arrive on a merchant’s page.

“When dealing with a CPC (cost per click) model, merchants need to know what type of click - fraudulent or authentic - is leading to their webpage, “ say Farid Taha, chief customer officer at Evina. “This has long been a blind spot when dealing with ad traffic and it’s why Evina created a tool that provides visibility on all visits following ad clicks.”

This new product represents the flip-side of Evina DCBprotect which stops bots from making payment attempts. Now, traffic monetisation can be mastered while fraudulent payments by bots are similarly prevented. While DCBprotect protects the payment page from bots, Traffic Screener detects bots that derive directly from the banner ads. By revealing real traffic and real conversation rates, merchants can optimize their mobile monetisation activities. The aim is to reduce the 20% of budget merchants lose when they acquire fake traffic. Specifically, TrafficScreener enables merchants to receive real figures that reflect the quality of their traffic. evina.com