How combating mobile fraud on DCB multiplied an MNO’s revenue

19 April 2021

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The stats

MNOs must never despair and succumb to service cutbacks when faced with an increase in mobile fraud on direct carrier billing (DCB). Instead, they should take it as a wake-up call to take action and outsmart fraudsters. Here’s why.

In 2018, a sudden rise in DCB-related customer complaints pushed the MNO Bouygues Telecom to reconsider its anti-fraud strategy. It put in place several measures: DCB merchants were asked to limit traffic acquisition to high controlled sources (ex. Google, Facebook) and responsible messaging was reinforced on payment pages.

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Tracking temperature during transport

10 February 2021

In Thailand, mobile operator AIS has developed a mobile IoT-based solution for monitoring the temperature of perishable goods during transportation. Fresh food, frozen food, medicine and some other goods need to be kept at a constant temperature during distribution to ensure they don’t decay and that they reach end-customers in a pristine condition.

Connected “cold chain” solutions can be used to monitor the temperature of a cold storage container during transit and maintain the quality of goods, reducing the number of claims from customers that goods have decayed or been damaged during transportation. These solutions can be configured to send a notification to the supplier if the temperature rises beyond a specific threshold.

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Mango guests get suite Wi-Fi upgrade

09 February 2021

IntelliStay Hotels Pvt Ltd. (IHPL) in association with Sterling F&B and Hospitality (SFBH) expanded their hotel portfolio by launching the upper mid-scale hotel brand Mango Suites SELECT in Navi Mumbai, India. “Mango Suites SELECT is an ‘upper mid-scale’ ‘long stay’ brand of IHPL.

The launch of this property marks a significant milestone since it’s the first Mango Suites SELECT. Here, the guests can expect the luxury and comfort of a 4-star hotel while also offering a fresh new option for long stays,” said Prashanth Aroor, CEO, IHPL.

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Hot zones in Maldives

09 February 2021

The island nation of the Maldives is one of the most popular countries for a vacation and a favourite for honeymooners.

While Wi-Fi or hotspot services are becoming more popular and prevailing at tourist attractions and crowded locations all over the world, Dhiraagu, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Maldives decided to launch a project to deploy a number of hot zones for the tourist areas and popular locations around the islands, including beaches, parks, piers and ferry routes.

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