Bangladeshi minister urges mobile operators to boost service quality

25 July 2022

The Bangladesh post and telecommunications minister said that the telecom operators' profit will fall if they fail to maintain their quality of services.

Mustafa Jabbar made the comments at a roundtable meeting organised by Telecom and Technology Reporters' Network Bangladesh (TRNB) at the Brac Centre.

"Increasing the quality of services is impossible without increasing the spectrum," he said. "That's why telecom operators need enough spectrum in their stock."  

Jabbar added that connectivity is becoming a basic need of the country's people day by day.

"People want speedy net connections nowadays," he continued. "The telecom operators have to dedicate themselves in providing speedy internet services."

Among the 24,425 towers of the telecom operators, only 17% is being currently shared.Jabbar said it must reach 100%.

"We're trying to formulate active sharing regulations as soon as possible," he added. "We're also trying to ensure that the four telecom companies can use the towers altogether."