Your Partners for Digital Growth

25 August 2021

Let’s Start with Telenity
We are an industry-leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for communications service providers around the globe. Our offices are in Monroe, Istanbul, New Delhi and Dubai.

We work with our customers to transform their telco ecosystem and help them harness the true power of their network. We modernize value-added services, creating operation efficiency and reducing OpEx. We offer BSS for digital services to generate new revenue streams and provide innovative digital services that enrich the subscribers’ mobile experience by leveraging the capabilities of 5G to the fullest.

As an established technology player in the telco ecosystem with 20+ years of know-how, we offer solutions to address our customers’ needs, enhance their business and help them stay ahead of the competition in the new era of 5G.

Telenity’s products and solutions empower more than 40 network operators, service, and application providers in over 30 countries, serving over one billion subscribers.

Tell me more about Telenity solutions…
We provide a suite of field-proven products, including VAS Consolidation Platform, Digital Services Platform and Location Based Solutions, with a perfect track record of delivering fully integrated modular products on the global scale.

Telenity VAS Consolidation Platform (VCP) consolidates all the basic messaging and voice services of the mobile VAS world on a single robust platform. Telenity’s VCP improves the operating performance of the legacy systems and paves the way for migration to all-IP core networks, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

The Telenity Digital Services Platform (DSP) meets the Business Support System (BSS) requirements of the ever-growing Digital Services and Content playground. It essentially allows CSPs to claim their rightful share along with the OTT players. The Telenity DSP manages the end-to-end value chain, with its powerful tools for direct carrier billing, service subscription management, bundling, campaign management and service fraud prevention. It covers the complete digital services journey, starting from the onboarding of partners up to revenue sharing, reconciliation, and settlement. The platform provides innovative service bundling, nano-crediting and down-selling functionalities that further boost revenues.

We offer Business Messaging on Rich Communication Services (RCS), which enhances SMS with rich media capabilities, enabling operators to benefit from the growing mobile marketing business, and provide their enterprise customers with higher digital experience solutions.

Our Location Based Solutions generate Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) revenue for the operator by utilizing its network infrastructure. The solutions encompass the whole spectrum of modern geolocation and analytics capabilities, including both active and passive geolocation query mechanisms.

In line with the ongoing 5G transition, our existing cloud-native product portfolio supports service-based architecture on container deployments. We have enabled all our products as ETSI compliant Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) for network function virtualization (NFV) based deployments. Telenity solutions can run on any hyperscaler and can be deployed on any on/off premise telco cloud environment. Our Digital Services Platform utilizes service-based network slicing and supports rich digital content & services, together with their business models, for the new consumers of the 5G world.

How about Enkudo’s Digital Services?
As a master aggregator, Enkudo provides a reliable telco-grade platform bundled with content from a rich pool of premium content partners. We do not only deliver more control over third party providers, but also aim to increase the variety and quality of the operators’ digital portfolio offering.

Enkudo business model is entirely based on revenue sharing, which eliminates the budget requirement on the mobile operator. We work closely with all departments covering every aspect of the digital services business, be it marketing, revenue growth, customer experience, technical support or compliance.

We enable access to a wide range of content including games, mega promotions, streaming audio, subscription-based video-on-demand (sVoD), edutainment, wellbeing, and many others. We help you target the right segment for your marketing campaigns. Narrowing down your audience improves conversion rates and Customer Lifetime Value while optimizing your marketing spending.

Delivering to the needs of the market is the main pillar of any successful business. We develop localized landing pages in line with language, social preferences of each targeted market. We work with local partners, to identify the proper product mix, localize user experience and increase the efficiency of business operations.

Think of Enkudo not as another cloud-based service provider, but as a local provider delivering value to the operator, the service provider, and the consumer.

What are Enkudo’s major benefits to Mobile Operators?
By integrating with Enkudo, mobile operators can adapt to current user habits by connecting them with digital merchants worldwide. The best part is, you only pay when you generate new revenues. Thanks to its local partner network, Enkudo eliminates any challenge that mobile operators might face and analyzes your target audience for you to help you deliver exactly what the end users ask for.

Through a single integration with Enkudo, Digital Merchants can benefit from white-labeling, co-marketing, service bundling with mobile operator offers, advanced reporting capabilities, easy integration and onboarding with operators, contract lifecycle management, reconciliation and settlement.

Why should Digital Merchants partner with Enkudo?
Enkudo has a broad coverage of leading mobile operators and payment providers. Our expertise takes digital services into flourishing new markets. Digital merchants can reach millions of new potential users and convert them into paying customers through Direct Carrier Billing. As your service user base grows locally in each market, we expand your global footprint through a wide network of connections.

Does Enkudo offer any solution for Payment Providers?
Digital content and services present an attractive business opportunity for payment providers. Engaging with digital merchants through a connection with Enkudo, payment providers can create sustainable new revenue streams through upsell and cross sell opportunities via bundling.

With Enkudo, payment providers grab opportunities by accepting payments locally for global digital services and utilize local payment options for global digital content sales or service subscriptions.