Last mile unit is easy to disguise

09 February 2021

This new wireless device from Infinet Wireless is said to be ideal to supply a last mile service to businesses and homes and for CCTV.

The Quanta 5-18, the latest in the company’s range, is claimed to deliver an industry-first throughput of up to 460 Mbit/s in just 40 MHz of spectrum with lower power consumption and easy installation.

It uses Infinet’s software defined radio (SDR) technology and is said to deliver stable connection in the most difficult weather, including extreme temperatures.

Infinet says it can be easily fitted to lampposts and buildings, including those of historical significance.  It says that unlike other wireless products which often have curved details that are hard to paint and impossible to cover with film, Quanta Q5-18 can be painted over to easily blend with its surroundings.  It measures 188x188x45mm and weighs 1.3kg.  It has a claimed reach of 5km and can serve up to 10 CCTV cameras.

Infinet has 500,000 deployments from the plains of Siberia to the Sahara and is one of the largest privately owned broadband wireless access (BWA) development and manufacturing companies in the world.