Sentosa embraces new technology for the tourists

09 February 2021

The resort island of Sentosa in Singapore has embraced technology as an important tool for enhancing guest experiences amid an increasingly competitive tourism landscape. One such initiative is the implementation of an extensive Wi-Fi network on the island to provide guests with better connectivity and greater convenience.

In a world where connectivity on the go has become so pervasive and changed the way travellers plan, book and enjoy their leisure, Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC), which manages the island, has introduced free Wi-Fi services on Sentosa via Wireless@SG. The Wireless@SG programme is an initiative of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) that seeks to provide free, easy and secure connectivity to Wi-Fi services in the public space, in collaboration with venue owners and service providers.

SDC has progressively rolled out the free Wi-Fi services at key nodes across Sentosa over the past few years, with the intention of expanding the coverage so that guests can maximise their fun while continuing to stay in touch. Today, there are more than 200 hotspots across Sentosa. Guests who are connected to the Wireless@SG network can tap on the free Wi-Fi to enjoy easier access to information on Sentosa’s exciting variety of offerings and directions for getting around the island. They can also share photos of their island adventures on social media and stay connected while moving between attractions or basking in the sun on the beach, without having to worry about incurring excessive data roaming charges.

SDC has also embarked on a Green Wi-Fi pilot project with IDA and several industry partners to test outdoor Wi-Fi deployment on Sentosa by using wireless backhaul technology, coupled with solar panels, to power and enable Wi-Fi services in a more cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner. To allow guests a more seamless connection to the free Wi-Fi network, SDC will also be integrating Wireless@SG with its MySentosa mobile app. Guests who have downloaded the app for updates on the island’s activities and promotions will be able to connect easily to Wireless@SG for free Wi-Fi access.