Comprion claims first with M2M SIM for RSP testing

09 November 2018

The Test eUICC M2M is removable and comes in the 3FF format.

The Test eUICC M2M is removable and comes in the 3FF format.

Comprion believes the future will see an increasing number of machine-to-machine devices with an eSIM.

As a result, the company has developed a test eSIM (also known as test eUICC) for the M2M architecture to ensure that switching to another mobile operator and the related remote SIM provisioning (RSP) work reliably. 

Comprion says its Test eUICC M2M enables MNOs and infrastructure suppliers to test the interoperability of the included components in the eSIM machine-to-machine environment during product development and integration.

According to the firm, running RSP functions is protected by credentials that are normally not known to the user.

Comprion says that as the Test eUICC M2M is personalised with test certificates and test keys, it allows technicians to set up an RSP test infrastructure.

This means that defined procedures for the remote provisioning and management of the embedded UICC can be executed in a test environment.

As well as testing M2M device interoperability, the Test eUICC M2M can be used for functional testing of the subscription managers (SM-DP and SM-SR), as well as verification of SIMalliance profile definitions. 

Comprion says it comes with a pre-loaded test profile that has been created in accordance with the company’s long-standing experience in the field. The profile includes the 3G test algorithm. 

Comprion adds that the profile’s file structure can be scanned and updated via remote file management (the keys needed for this are provided).

Moreover, it says different profiles can be loaded to the card for testing purposes by means of the respective eUICC standard procedures. 

The Test eUICC M2M is removable and comes in the 3FF format (mini-UICC).