Bharti Airtel first to demo 5G

23 February 2021

Bharti Airtel became the first telecom operator to demonstrate its capability to roll out 5G wireless services in India, beating rival Reliance Jio Infocomm in the process.

The former said it conducted on-field trials in Hyderabad to establish its ability to launch 5G, or fifth generation, services. This new wireless service will pave the way for super-fast internet speeds and power internet of things (IoT) applications, such as driverless cars and smart cities.

Airtel’s achievement is also a boost for the company, which has been struggling to play catch-up with Jio for the past few years and has ceded its leadership in the Indian telecom market. The latter plans to launch the service later this year but has yet to complete trials.

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Network automation: learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic

10 February 2021

The use of collaboration tools has increased dramatically. For instance, Microsoft alone saw an increase of 12 million new users on Teams as companies shifted to remote work during the pandemic. This change, together with the increased use of video streaming, gaming, and social media platforms, has driven bandwidth needs up abruptly.

Telia Carrier owns and operates one of the world’s most extensive fiber backbones and recently reported that “every day of the week now looks like a Sunday” in terms of backbone network load, with Sunday evenings being the traditional traffic peak. Verizon has revealed that its overall data volume increased by 19% when compared to pre-COVID-19 levels, with peak web traffic increasing by 30%. Data demand spikes have been documented in India and in Malaysia as well.

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Last mile unit is easy to disguise

09 February 2021

This new wireless device from Infinet Wireless is said to be ideal to supply a last mile service to businesses and homes and for CCTV.

The Quanta 5-18, the latest in the company’s range, is claimed to deliver an industry-first throughput of up to 460 Mbit/s in just 40 MHz of spectrum with lower power consumption and easy installation.

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Wireless products find the best connection

09 February 2021

New Wi-Fi 6 devices from Nokia are said to be the first self-optimising mesh products.  They use EasyMesh, as certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The new products include fibre gateways, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) gateways and mesh Wi-Fi beacons. The company’s Wi-Fi mesh middleware is embedded in their operating systems to automatically and autonomously solves any issues with performance, including interference and congestion.

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