RF over fibre in southeast Asia

22 December 2021

John Meyers – ViaLite Communications sales manager, APAC

John Meyers – ViaLite Communications sales manager, APAC

For those unfamiliar with the applications of RF-over-Fibre in satellite communications, it may seem a contradiction that satcom would depend on fibre, the very terrestrial technology that satellite communications is often purported to replace.

However, in the past few years, something has happened in the world of satcom. With the advent of High Throughput Satellites (HTS), satellite bandwidth capacity has grown exponentially. Satellite frequencies have moved from C-band to higher frequencies such as Ku and KA-band. These higher frequencies usually require the implementation of diversity gateway sites to address rain fade. In some countries, regulatory authorities require commercial satcom operators to build backup gateway sites to improve network resiliency in case of natural disasters.

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5G to the fore in five-year Ooredoo-Nokia deal

20 December 2021

Ooredoo Group, the Qatar-based telco, has engaged Finland’s Nokia to provide multiple technologies and services, including 5G, as part of a multi-country, five-year deal.

The network technology upgrade project is already under way and is expected to be completed by 2026 southeast Asia.

Under the terms of the deal, Nokia will deploy equipment from its AirScale radio access network (RAN) portfolio on sites across southeast Asia. The AirScale radio platform will provide the flexibility and capability required to deliver 5G services to consumers and enterprises across different spectrum bands. The deal also includes digital deployment services supporting a faster time to market as well as technical support services.

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Hundreds of towers destroyed in Myanmar coup resistance

17 December 2021

More than 400 telecommunication towers in military-ruled Myanmar have been destroyed by opponents of a February 1 coup, attacks which operators said had severed connectivity for many customers.

A report by newswire Reuters said the Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper, the junta’s mouthpiece, claims the destruction of the towers was intended to undermine the government.

The military has previously shut down the internet in many areas to try to disrupt its opponents during protests and strikes.

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Fixed wireless access and Wi-Fi on the move

11 May 2021

Wherever you live, the average broadband speed requirement continues to rise and fibre access is arguably still the go-to option. It makes complete sense, when one considers its high bandwidth performance, low latency and maintenance, as well as durability.

Of course, copper and fibre deployment for better broadband service is not always an upgrade option. Reasons include the fact that municipal regulations can make fibre trenching prohibitive, lower population densities in rural markets often harm the fibre business case return on investment (ROI), while buildings or things of natural beauty may prevent the installation of fibre regardless of how much money has been made available.

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