PEACE Cable and PCCW Global using Infinera's ICE6 for Mediterranean segment

07 June 2021

The Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) subsea cable system and PCCW Global will deploy Infinera ICE6 optical engine equipment on the Mediterranean segment of the PEACE submarine cable system.

This will enable the PEACE submarine cable to transmit capacity of nearly 25 terabits per fibre pair, and lay the foundation for better service scalability, flexibility and differentiation.

Following extensive technology evaluation and application analysis, the Infinera ICE6 solution was selected based on its outstanding capabilities, including the ability to achieve industry-leading, commercially deployable performance with a combination of ultra-high baud rates and an advanced modulation technique known as Long Codeword Probabilistic Constellation Shaping. Both capabilities are using the latest 7nm ASIC technology, highly optimized algorithms, and Infinera’s second generation Nyquist subcarriers.

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ViaLite releases Blue OEM 1U Chassis

19 April 2021

New from ViaLite

New from ViaLite

ViaLite Communications has added a Blue OEM 1U chassis to its RF over fibre product range.

The chassis has the capacity to hold up to eight ViaLite Blue OEM modules and is typically used for satellite and broadcast installations, as well as satellite news gathering (SNG) and outdoor broadcast truck operations at sporting events etc.

This product was designed to operate as a transmitter, receiver or both, as a means of supporting uplink and downlink operations. It is a 1U high chassis, supports high throughput operations and enables signal transmission across distances where it is not possible to use coaxial cables.

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ViaLite launches 'ground-breaking' 6 GHz bandwidth RF over fibre outdoor IP rated module

01 April 2021

ViaLite's new offering

ViaLite's new offering

The Black OEM from ViaLite is the latest in the Mil-Aero range of stand-alone RF over fiber modules. Operating in frequencies from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, it provides the widest RF bandwidth for a product in this format and covers VHF, UHF, L, S and C-bands.

With what the company describes as 'an industry-leading' spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of 109 dB/Hz at 1500 MHz and 104 dB/Hz at 5 GHz, it is the widest SFDR RF over fibre product in outdoor rated module format. In addition to this, the Black OEM features a USB-C field controllable option, which enables the user to adjust the gain settings accessed by a port which is secreted behind a waterproof plug.

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NGMN unveils plans for 6G

09 February 2021

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) board has launched a 6G project, while continuing its 5G efforts, it said.

NGMN published the first 5G White Paper in 2015, which helped pave the way for standardising 5G and its commercialisation. A second 5G White Paper (5GWP2) followed in July 2020

The new 6G Vision and Drivers project is designed to provide early and timely direction for global activities around the next generation. NGMN will facilitate an information exchange within its internal partnership and with relevant external stakeholders.

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