Airbus provides Tactilon Agnet and secure communication services to India's BSNL

04 May 2021

Airbus services BSNL

Airbus services BSNL

Airbus has partnered with its value-added reseller Arubaito India to supply its Tactilon Agnet 500 communication and collaboration platform to the Indian market through the Indian mobile network operator BSNL.

Tailored to business and mission-critical organisations, Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet 500 is a flexible and scalable group collaboration solution which allows efficient team communication through push-to-talk, video calls, information sharing in groups, real-time location tracking, end-to-end encryption, and emergency alerts.

BSNL will offer Airbus’s Tactilon Agnet 500 platform for use on mobile broadband networks. This will allow sectors such as defence, police & other law enforcement agencies, transport, healthcare, power utility, airports, ports, mining, oil & gas, disaster management, and other businesses to benefit from secure voice, text, and data communications solutions, from peer to peer, or in a group, while using BSNL’s public operator telecom network.

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ViaLite launches 'ground-breaking' 6 GHz bandwidth RF over fibre outdoor IP rated module

01 April 2021

ViaLite's new offering

ViaLite's new offering

The Black OEM from ViaLite is the latest in the Mil-Aero range of stand-alone RF over fiber modules. Operating in frequencies from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, it provides the widest RF bandwidth for a product in this format and covers VHF, UHF, L, S and C-bands.

With what the company describes as 'an industry-leading' spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of 109 dB/Hz at 1500 MHz and 104 dB/Hz at 5 GHz, it is the widest SFDR RF over fibre product in outdoor rated module format. In addition to this, the Black OEM features a USB-C field controllable option, which enables the user to adjust the gain settings accessed by a port which is secreted behind a waterproof plug.

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CVC Capital acquires Myanmar’s Irrawady Green Towers

10 February 2021

Luxembourg-based private equity firm CVC Capital Partners has agreed to buy Myanmar’s largest telecom tower company, Irrawady Green Towers, in a deal reportedly valued at about US$700m.

The purchase marks the global buyout firm’s first venture into the southeast Asian country and sees it absorb 4,000 towers across Myanmar.

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TETRA radio does much more

09 February 2021

Citing the increasing use of 4G by the emergency services, Motorola has introduced the MXP600 TETRA radio.

It features smartphone pairing via an embedded NFC chip alongside Bluetooth 5.0.  And it includes a broadband app called M-RadioControl with which users can access talk groups.

The chip and the app, says the company, means the wireless connection between radio, smartphone and other devices remains secure.

The company says that instead of handling multiple devices simultaneously, users can activate other devices through the one which feels most intuitive in that situation.

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