Nokia expects to earn EUR3 for each 5G mobile phone

08 November 2018

Nokia says the licensing rate for mobile phones that use its 5G SEP standard essential patents (SEPs) portfolio will be capped at EUR3 per device.

In a press statement issued in late August, the company described itself as a “long-term innovator” in the development of fundamental technologies for wireless communications, and said it has made “significant” contributions to the development of related standards for more than two decades.

According to Nokia, this R&D investment has resulted in a significant portfolio of SEPs which it has committed to license on FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms, in line with the applicable IP rights policies of relevant standard setting organisations.

“Our innovation continues in 5G, where significant parts of the emerging 5G standards will be based on Nokia innovations, and Nokia expects to have a significant position in SEPs once the standards are finalised later in 2018,” stated the firm.

Beyond mobile phones, Nokia believes that there will be an “unprecedented” variety of end user devices that will use its innovation.

For these other categories of devices, the company said it will determine its licensing rates separately and will engage in dialogue with relevant industry participants to define the models best suited for those industries.