‘Breakthrough next-gen VSAT platform’

11 April 2022

Comtech Telecommunications unveils Comtech Elevate, which it describes as “a breakthrough next generation” very small aperture terminal (VSAT) technology solution. 

The company also reckons it’s designed to meet the evolving communications demands of a broad range of markets.

Comtech Elevate “is a smart software-defined VSAT solution bringing together the best of Comtech’s Heights Dynamic Network Access (H-DNA) and its UHP MF-TDMA waveform flexibility and efficiency”. It features a new D-RAM (“Dynamic Return Access Modes”) protocol with seamless switching between H-DNA and MF-TDMA waveforms using the same pool of bandwidth and data throughput in both Forward and Return channels. The Comtech Elevate solution, Comtech says, is designed to enable private or shared VSAT networks of any size and topology, “has unlimited potential” for future development and can be deployed for every application imaginable.

The solution’s features also include the ability to scale from very small networks to very large networks, such as supporting more than 500,000 remote sites, as well as compact remote VSAT handling up to 200,000 packets per second. In addition, Comtech says this product has “an advanced and highly efficient Network Management System that can support a rich variety of Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) interfaces.

“Our new Comtech Elevate VSAT platform delivers unprecedented network flexibility and scalability to support a broad range of applications and markets, from broadcast and government to mobility and enterprise, using a single intelligent system,” says Michael Porcelain, chief executive officer and president, Comtech. “Elevate is the next step in Comtech’s long-term plan to exploit the growing business opportunities in the satellite ground station market. comtech.com