‘Innovative v45C qualified for operation on Intelsat FlexMaritime network’

26 August 2021

Intellian brings to market its v45C antenna, which has also been qualified for operation on the Intelsat FlexMaritime network. By combining Intellian’s compact, antenna with Intelsat’s FlexMaritime High Throughput Satellite (HTS) service, this approval will deliver global connectivity to customers in the smallest package available to date.

Until now, service providers have required antennas of 60cm or larger to deliver high throughput services owing to the higher power demanded by smaller units, but with the advent of HTS technology teamed with innovative antenna design, the use of more compact antennas has become possible. The v45C has been developed to bring VSAT to new markets where there is limited space available for communications equipment, such as workboats, leisure craft, fishing boats, small commercial and government vessels.

Intelsat is among the first to take advantage of this capability with the addition of a 45cm category to its FlexMaritime HTS service. VSAT delivery to small antennas has traditionally been restricted to localized regions in order to conserve power, but through the use of spot beam technology, HTS satellites can overcome this limitation. By providing high-power service to small, tightly-focused areas, frequencies can be reused across the satellite’s coverage area, supporting global service while reducing the cost of delivery. intelliantech.com