HD-EFI product series expands with thread-in configurations

26 August 2021

Amphenol RF says it is “proud to announce the expansion” of its HD-EFI product line, “designed to satisfy” the need for a compact RF interconnect solution. The latest addition to the HD-EFI series consists of panel mount receptacle jacks, a common component in wireless infrastructure filters. These HD-EFI jacks feature thread-in mounting and post contacts for easy installation into wireless filters, amplifiers and distributed antenna systems.

HD-EFI thread-in connectors are engineered with white bronze plating to improve low PIM performance and set them apart from the existing options. These connectors are available as straight panel mounting receptacle jacks in both smooth bore and limited detent interfaces. These 50 ohm connectors are designed for crash-proof mating, achieved by using a conical interface and unique plug design, and offer excellent electrical performance through 6 GHz, along with all the existing benefits of this product line.

The HD-EFI product series is a micro-miniature interface which allows large board tolerance stack ups, blind mating and multiple RF lines. In addition to the thread-in connectors, various PCB and cable-mount connector configurations are available. amphenolrf.com