Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider OS for the Smart Radio Platform

11 May 2021

Doodle Labs is “pleased” to release Mesh Rider OS firmware version 2021-03 for the Smart Radio.

This firmware update delivers significant new features and performance improvements, including improved link reliability, improved management tools and the customisation of smart radios. Starting with the former, a new link monitor constantly checks the status of the wireless link and triggers a rapid recovery in the event of a link loss.

There is also a pre-flight link check tool that runs through a series of checks to test the integrity of RF link quality for each antenna.

In addition, the automatic channel selection (ACS) for interference mitigation means the Smart Radio will periodically monitor the medium and may switch over to a better operating channel.

Elsewhere, the web GUI, Doodle Labs says, has been revamped to provide a simple and clean interface for an enhanced user experience.

By default, it provides commonly used settings, and click the “Advanced Settings” button reveals all of the original settings.

Meanwhile, the Mesh Rider SDK will allow customers to write and compile their own software to run on the Smart Radio.

“We enhanced the Mesh Rider OS based on direct feedback from our customers to meet their operational requirements,” says Aaron Do, manager of application engineering and customer support at Doodle Labs.