SK Telecom sets up 5G network for air taxis

01 September 2022

South Korean mobile giant SK Telecom (SKT) is to build a dedicated communication network for air taxi services.

The operator successfully finished its trial run on the fifth-generation network for unmanned aerial mobility services at the Goheung Flight Test Aerodrome, about 250 miles south of the capital, Seoul.

It is understood the results will help SKT to build a 5G network dedicated for air taxis along a designated area in Goheung in partnership with the state-run Korea Aerospace Research Institute.

South Korea's wants to commercialise UAM services before 2025, enabling unmanned electric vehicles to take off and land vertically, as well as fly safely.

"To introduce stable UAM services, we are required to build a high-quality 5G network for air traffic communication," SKT senior official Ha Min-yong said. "We aim to be at the lead in the 6G or the sixth-generation mobility era, where telecom services can accommodate both ground and air traffic."

SKT said it would allow other UAM players to use its air network.
Meanwhile, the telco reported profit of US$201.6m in its second quarter and revenue of $3.41bn in the period.

“As we enter into the next chapter in our corporate history, we are generating tangible results by achieving even growth in our key five business groups,” said Kim Jin-won, chief Financial Officer of SKT.“We will do our utmost so that our sustained growth and innovations will lead to the enhancement of shareholder value.”