Japan in 6G experimental trials with manufacturers

13 June 2022

Japanese operators NTT and its spinoff company NTT Docomo have started 6G trials with manufacturers Fujitsu, NEC and Nokia with a strategy to launch commercial services by 2030.

The former says it expects 6G to deliver huge advances in speed, capacity, and low latency thanks to the use of sub-terahertz (THz) spectrum. This will will expand the reach of mobile communications to the sea and the sky.

“We envision that 6G will unify the human experience across the digital, physical and human worlds," said Peter Vetter, president of the Bell Labs Core Research at Nokia. "We build on a long tradition of collaborations between the world-leading labs at Docomo and Nokia Bell Labs. Nokia is very honoured to engage in this collaboration with Docomo and NTT, as global leading operators that are always among the first to bring new generations to the market. We look forward to working together and validating key concepts and key technologies to realise the 6G vision.”