Thai mobile providers endeavour to block scam call centres

16 May 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's Police Cyber Taskforce has been working with the leading Thai mobile operators to prevent contact from scam call centres.

National media has been reporting about a series of victims of phone scams and Thai scam call centres that have lured citizens into working in neighbouring countries, often promising high wages.

However, Thai netizens and celebrities have taken to social media and revealed that they receive scam calls daily. The scammers were often disguised as creditors, police officers or high-profile state authorities. Some victim have lost their whole savings, which had put pressure on the victims, and their families, leading some to suicide.

From now on, Thai mobile users will be able to report the ‘scam’ phone numbers directly to the mobile operators, and the PCT will ban those numbers within 72 hours.

Thai deputy commissioner-general of PCT, Damrongsak Kittipaphat, announced the cooperation between the authorities and the three leading Thai mobile operators, including AIS, True, and Dtac.

He said residents could now report scammers’ phone numbers via a hotline channel: AIS via 1185, True via 9777, and Dtac via 1678. Apart from that, residents can contact the PCT at 081 866 3000 or complain online via