TM deploys IP CORE network of the NGN

06 April 2022

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), the largest wireline operator in the country, has partnered with China’s ZTE Corporation to deploy the service provisioning of its IP CORE network of the NGN (Next-Generation Network).

TM NGN is the first backbone transport network to deliver high-speed mobile services in Malaysia, including home broadband, voice, enterprise private line, network leasing, CDN, and wireless (4G/5G) backhaul.

A press release distributed by ZTE said, with rapid development and commercial use of 5G worldwide, Malaysia started large-scale transport network construction in 2021.

“With strong product competitiveness, customised functions, and reliable delivery capabilities, ZTE won the entire IP CORE network bid and a 30% share of IPRAN bid in February 2021,” the release said.

ZTE provides its 2T/slot multi-service router ZXR10 M6000-S to build NG CORE, HSE, and AGG sites in the NGN. It provides an innovative satellite router solution composed of ZXR10 M6000-S and ZXCTN 6120 H-A for AGG sites, providing a large quantity of GE interfaces to implement large-scale access to home broadband and enterprise private lines. Meanwhile, ZTE employs the ZXCTN 6100H series supporting Tbit access to build CSR sites, offering flexible slicing for next-generation transport.

In addition, ZTE provides an advanced network design for the existing network interconnection and smooth service transition. Its management and control system can implement fast end-to-end service provisioning, flexible network tuning, simplified O&M, and differentiated SLA guarantee, to help TM build an intelligent large-scale full-service transport network.