A tale of three countries

08 October 2021

Case studies from Indonesian, Pakistan and Singapore demonstrate how satellite is making a difference

Changing lives in Pakistan

The Karakoram Area Development Organisation (KADO) is a community based not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, registered in 1996. The NGO looks to improve an array of socio- economic problems with special emphasis on those related to women and disadvantaged members of society. It is based in Aliabad, Hunza region, which is a remote and isolated part of northern Pakistan.

Against this backdrop, KADO introduced a series of projects aimed at training marginalised individuals in Gilgit Baltistan in various information and communication technology (ICT) skills. The itech project was first implemented in 1996 through financial assistance from the EU’s TVET Reform Support Programme, and by 2015 the programme had developed to train 300 participants.

Today, KADO’s itech project is expanding its reach due to the support of Clicksat and YahClick through the provision of internet connectivity via satellite. As a result, students in the area can attend courses free of cost, which include web design, programming, e-marketing, call-centre training, online stocks, solar energy solutions and forex trading.

3,000 beneficiaries have been trained in various ICT courses, with a special focus on women

1,500 placements have been offered to women

Community development due to the success of KADO’s programs.100 youth will be sent to online earning companies working in cities as “interns” for one month each with stipend to facilitate their travelling

The internet has rewritten the rules of business. Gone are the days when people were required to physically go to work to gratify their financial needs. With this paradigm shift, the opportunities for people with expertise in information technology have never been greater. With thousands of jobs available on the internet, you can now work from home and earn a decent income. For that you just need the skills, a computer and internet connectivity.