How combating mobile fraud on DCB multiplied an MNO’s revenue

19 April 2021

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MNOs must never despair and succumb to service cutbacks when faced with an increase in mobile fraud on direct carrier billing (DCB). Instead, they should take it as a wake-up call to take action and outsmart fraudsters. Here’s why.

In 2018, a sudden rise in DCB-related customer complaints pushed the MNO Bouygues Telecom to reconsider its anti-fraud strategy. It put in place several measures: DCB merchants were asked to limit traffic acquisition to high controlled sources (ex. Google, Facebook) and responsible messaging was reinforced on payment pages.

After nine months, the results remained unsatisfying, which brought Bouygues Telecom to introduce One-Time Passwords (OTP). Regrettably, this additional security measure drove down purchase volumes and had little to no impact on complaints.

In Q4 2018, the European MNO implemented the Evina anti-fraud solution to change the fatal course DCB was taking. The results of this integration spoke for themselves: the fraud rate drastically decreased while their revenue was multiplied.

Franck Semanne, head of carrier billing at Bouygues Telecom, said: “Faced with a strong increase in complaints and without being able to explain the cause with certainty, we were considering stopping the invoice payment solution. The use of Evina allowed us to restore the click-flow. We were especially impressed by the purchase increase. This collaboration has saved the VAS market at Bouygues Telecom. Today I have a healthy relationship with my merchants, I am able to discuss fraud with them based on factual data, and we can work together in confidence to protect the end-user.”

These results clearly show how MNOs can not only get rid of fraud on DCB with the right anti-fraud solution but also inevitably increase authentic transaction volumes, which brings them to experience healthy business growth.

European MNOs were attacked early on by a horde of ruthless fraudsters through the DCB payment channel, which has brought them to put in place strict and effective measures to defend themselves from fraud. The case of the European MNO Bouygues Telecom is a great model to follow when it comes to fighting fraud, as the eradication of mobile fraud was used as a stepping stone to achieving higher growth.