Singtel debuts portable 5G tech kit

19 April 2021

Singapore's enterprises can now experience 5G capabilities and test their 5G applications in their own premises, courtesy of a portable technology kit developed by Singtel, the city-state’s largest telco.

Genie, which is touted as the first of its kind in the world, will create an independent 5G network at any location where it is deployed.

Operator Singtel said it is suitable for enterprises that want to conduct 5G trials but do not yet have a 5G network, as well as for conducting events like hackathons that require a temporary 5G network.

Genie comes in a suitcase-sized container comprising a 5G network control kit and a standing mount with 5G radio antenna. The equipment can be installed in under an hour and only requires a standard electrical outlet for power, as well as access to a window to determine its location via GPS.

Dennis Wong, vice-president of 5G enterprise and cloud at Singtel’s enterprise group said although many enterprises are aware of 5G, they may not fully understand how they can benefit from this technology.

He added that by bringing 5G into their premises, Genie will help enterprises to validate their solutions with their partners or verify the performance of their 5G applications with no installation cost.

“The platform is particularly useful for large enterprises which need to test 5G before they decide to invest in their own dedicated network,” Wong said. “Seeing what 5G can do in their own premises will help more enterprises adopt 5G and speed up their digital transformation.”