TETRA radio does much more

09 February 2021

Citing the increasing use of 4G by the emergency services, Motorola has introduced the MXP600 TETRA radio.

It features smartphone pairing via an embedded NFC chip alongside Bluetooth 5.0.  And it includes a broadband app called M-RadioControl with which users can access talk groups.

The chip and the app, says the company, means the wireless connection between radio, smartphone and other devices remains secure.

The company says that instead of handling multiple devices simultaneously, users can activate other devices through the one which feels most intuitive in that situation.

If, for example, a police officer pressed the emergency button, the radio would in future be able to automatically activate the body worn camera, without them needing to start the process separately.

The MXP600 uses microphone technology to suppress background noise and has a claimed maximum loudness around four times greater than a typical smartphone.  When operating in windy conditions, the device automatically uses the loudspeaker as an additional microphone for optimal wind noise mitigation.  When multiple radios are in close proximity, the MXP600 automatically eliminates acoustic feedback to allow for effective communication.

Motorola says over-the-air-programming means radios can be updated in minutes, avoiding the time, logistics and costs involved with traditional radio programming.  It is said to be fast, secure and convenient to maximise the productivity of frontline workers and help to keep them in the field.

The MXP600 measures 120x54x25/30mm (depending on battery) and weighs 200g; 212g with 60mm antenna.  It supports GPS and has a 2.4in display. motorolasolutions.com