Wireless products find the best connection

09 February 2021

New Wi-Fi 6 devices from Nokia are said to be the first self-optimising mesh products.  They use EasyMesh, as certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The new products include fibre gateways, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) gateways and mesh Wi-Fi beacons. The company’s Wi-Fi mesh middleware is embedded in their operating systems to automatically and autonomously solves any issues with performance, including interference and congestion.

This ensures that the best channels and bands are selected to provide the fastest and most reliable connection for every user and every device.

There is a cloud controller designed to provide full visibility on all access points and allows optimization of Wi-Fi performance across neighbouring buildings.

The new range includes: ONT G-2426G-A (pictured) and XS-2426G-A: dual-band, AX1800 capable ONTs (optical network terminals) with GPON (global passive optical networks) and XGS-PON (a passive optical networks standard) uplinks respectively; Beacon 2 and Beacon 6 are dual-band AX1800 and tri-band AX4200-capable mesh access points with ethernet and Wi-Fi uplink, to extend the mesh network; and FastMile 5G Gateway 3 and 5G Gateway 3.1 which are dual-band, AX3600-capable mesh access points with 5G uplink with high-gain and omni-directional antennas respectively. nokia.com