Hot zones in Maldives

09 February 2021

The island nation of the Maldives is one of the most popular countries for a vacation and a favourite for honeymooners.

While Wi-Fi or hotspot services are becoming more popular and prevailing at tourist attractions and crowded locations all over the world, Dhiraagu, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Maldives decided to launch a project to deploy a number of hot zones for the tourist areas and popular locations around the islands, including beaches, parks, piers and ferry routes.

To conduct such a large-scale project, having reliable network infrastructure is the most critical. That’s the key reason Dhiraagu consulted Altai for the project deployment. Having many successful stories in deploying city-wide WiFi and equipped with the patented smart antenna technology, Altai Super WiFi is a sophisticated WiFi products provider. In response to Dhiraagu’s appeal, Altai offered Super WiFi solution, which can support a much larger area of outdoor WiFi coverage than any of its competitors.

In the deployment, Altai has installed ~30+ devices at different locations in Maldives’ islands. Which is a much smaller number than any other Wi-Fi service provider can provide. After the deployment was completed, tourists to Maldives are allowed to enjoy high quality Wi-Fi network to stay connected to the world while being embraced by the beautiful views of Maldives.

Altai was required to propose a solution for multiple locations in different islands of Maldives. For most of the outdoor attractions such as parks and beaches, Altai adopted its outdoor base station, A8n, with access point, A3-Ei. On the other hand, Altai’s indoor AP A3 series has been used for indoor areas.

Altai was also required to deploy a stable network for the tourists taking ferry routes between islands. For such cases, Altai’s flagship base station, A8-Ein was deployed at each ferry pier and C1xn with 8dBi Omni 2.4GHz antenna were installed on every ferry as CPE to connect to the A8-Ein. A total of 30+ Altai APs have been installed in the whole project.

Altai’s solution allows the tourists to Maldives to enjoy stable and robust WiFi network when they are visiting any of those outdoor attractions that has been deployed with Altai’s equipment. These attractions including parks, beaches and even ferry trips. Tourists can now stay connected with the world while being surrounded by Maldives’ beautiful nature. Dhiraagu is highly satisfied by the deployment result and excellent performance of Altai’s equipment. n